Drug overdose is the leading cause of death
for Americans under 50.
It’s not too late to get help until it’s too late…

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Opiate Addiction and the resultant consequence of opioid overdose is currently an epidemic in the U.S. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a public health emergency declaration in October, 2017. The National Addiction Institute is committed to doing it’s part in “improving access to prevention, treatment and recovery services”. Opiate addiction does not need to continue to adversely affect the lives of those who are addicted, their loved ones, and the community as a whole. There are a wide variety of options available to treat opiate withdrawal, opiate addiction, and the associated medical and psychiatric complications.


They cycle of addiction includes stressors, emotions/thoughts, cravings, use, relief, continued drug and alcohol use. A multifaceted approach must be taken to stop addiction in its tracks at any stage of the cycle. If you or a loved one is caught in the seemingly hopeless cycle of addiction and are missing out on the wonders of life, there is hope. The National Addiction Institute can guide you to the appropriate resources that can help you end the suffering that comes from drug addiction and alcoholism.


Alcoholism can occur in the setting of drug addiction, or can occur independently. Alcohol addiction can be baffling to those who are unable to control their drinking. Most people can drink alcohol without becoming addicted. But, there are many who, due to genetic and environment factors, suffer from the neurologic disease of alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is one of the most physically and neurologically damaging types of substance abuse. Once a single drink is taken, it can be nearly impossible for the alcohol to control his/her use. Inpatient or residential alcohol detox is the first step. NAI can help you find the help you need.

Experience. Knowledge. Guidance.

The National Addiction Institute (NAI) applies modern medical and clinical knowledge. Our staff experience, old-fashioned caring, understanding and compassion contributes to individuals in need of drug and alcohol treatment. NAI’s goal is to help those in recovery find the resources that are necessary to restore a healthy lifestyle.

Addiction treatment can and should be tailored to the individual’s needs, since each addict’s situation is different. NAI understands that drug and alcohol rehab programs are not “one size fits all”.  We offer customized drug and alcohol recovery resources after identifying the following factors:

10 Factors For Addiction Treatment Assessment

  1. Drug(s) of abuse
  2. Co-occurring disorders
  3. Medical Problems
  4. Social factors
  5. Lifestyle factors
  6. Spiritual beliefs
  7. Living arrangements
  8. Willingness to take part in the various treatment options
  9. Employment and family obligations
  10. Personal preferences

The 12-step programs and cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) have long been the basis of the treatment program in many drug and alcohol rehabs. But, much more in-depth, up-to-date, individually tailored treatment is now available to help those suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism overcome this disease.

For example, rational emotive behavior therapy, trauma therapy, hypnosis, electrical and magnetic neurostimulation, medication-assisted treatment, genetic pharmacotherapy testing, niche programs, different outlooks on spirituality, and self-help groups other than the traditional 12-step groups all play a role in the contemporary treatment of substance abuse disorders.

The staff at the National Addiction Institute uses its combined years of addiction treatment experience, personal experience, medical and clinical knowledge to provide help and guidance to those in need when searching for mental health, substance abuse, and dual-diagnosis treatment. NAI also provides knowledge to the general public through offering online support and education to those who wish to learn more about drug and alcohol addiction, dual-diagnosis, and mental health disorders. Through education and prevention, the National Addiction Institute’s quest is to stop addiction in its tracks.

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Addiction has long been considered a “family” disease. The reason is family (environment) influences the onset and progression of addiction. Drug addiction and/or alcoholism influences the behavior, performance, health, and life satisfaction of the family.

Traditional nuclear families are becoming less common. Non-traditional families (elected families and extended families), made up of significant others, friends, distant relatives, coworkers, and neighbors are seen with increasing frequency. National Addiction Institute firmly believes that drug addiction and alcoholism must be treated simultaneously with family involvement. Family is definesd as those with whom the patient has the strongest emotional connections.

As such, National Addiction Institute seeks to help those who are suffering from substance abuse, dual-diagnosis disorders and mental health problems.  We help locate treatment resources that employ a strong family component as part of the overall addiction recovery strategy. NAI refers to the patient’s family as the “recovery alliance”.

The National Addiction Institute offers positive encouragement, supports honesty between family members, integrity and compassion. With the patient’s consent, NAI supports family-centric treatment in the following ways:

Family Addiction Treatment from NAI


  • Assistance with placement in family-centric programs
  • When appropriate, including the family in the addiction resource identification and placement process
  • Seeking collaborative information from family member
  • Identification of addiction support resources for family members
  • Identification of counseling resources for family members
  • Connection with resources for family therapy services
  • Guidance for family members who are taking part in an addiction intervention
  • Placing family members in contact with the addict and alcoholic’s recovery resources
  • Providing addiction education resources to the family
  • Assistance in communicating with the family during the addiction treatment location process



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